Cppd denilll need help to know if I should appeal

Hi David. I have just been denied cppd because I have been on cpp for to long, they say they can’t change it to cppd, do you think I could appeal it and win

I think the answer is you can’t win but I can’t find the quote so I could be wrong.

Thanks. I have checked the internet and can not find anything saying the time limit.

To qualify for a CPP disability benefit, you must:

have contributed to the CPP in four of the last six years at or above the minimum level of earnings or in three of the last six years if you have contributed at or above the minimum level of earnings for at least 25 years


Yes i know that and i have. May i need to be more clear.
In dec 2015 i was in a car accident which stop me from working but at that time nothing could be found, during that time i was in the middle of a court case with my husband and the judge told me i had to apply for early cpp that was april 2016. So i have been getting cpp since then. After many x-rays and ultra-sounds and mri’s and specialists appts they found out what was wrong so i gave my doctors the forms to fill out, when i got them back i sent them in. Service canada is telling me that after receiving cpp for over 15 months they can not give me cppd.
I can not find anywhere there is a time limit to apply for cppd if you are already on cpp.

Found the thread:

I don’t think your situation is the same so you should get the free consult:

If they are telling you that you are too late they are likely correct. There is a strict 15 month deadline that is imposed by the CPP Act. It is black and white and no room for discretion.

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Thank you David that andwers my question