Do you have to include all specialists that seen before?

Did everyone include all the healthcare providers and other doctors seen in the past regarding their disability aside from their GP? Will CPP contact all doctors? or is it better not to include all? I am hesitant to do as it might affect the decision. Please let me know. Thx

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Yes, I included the names, address etc of all my Specialists and the last time I saw them and my Physio appointments etc

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I included everything.

How can it be a negative?

Maybe your GP got the results from all the other doctors.

I don’t think CPP will contact any doctors unless they need more information (and probably only the one that did the medical form).
Maybe just mention you had x test in your “story”.

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In my case my specialist filled out the forms and sent them in. After a few weeks a nurse called me from CPP-D and informed me she will approve my claim.

I didn’t actually know who all I had seen (I got referred around a lot) but I noted that in the form and included the main person I saw in each area of medicine. I ended up with a two page attachment to the form just to list everyone I did remember.

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I included all the specialists I’ve seen in the past 10 years. Then I attached all the reports from all my specialists. I basically sent everything that was in my medical files. But they still requested my GP to send them medical records for the past 2 years.

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