CPP-D - Submit letters from all Dr.’s seen or just main?

Good day,

I have paperwork back from my specialist for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue etc. but I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to have my GP and also the “chronic pain counselor” write letters as well or could this perhaps cause some confusion or cloud things when CPP-D staff go through it? Should I just apply with the forms from the specialist alone?

Thank you

What do you mean “letters”?
In addition to the medical form?
I described my day/diffulties.

Is the “chronic pain counselor” the specialist?
Medical doctor?

I spent about 200 and got my husbands entire medical records, wrote a one page letter itemizing all documents, and thanked them for their consideration. I also added extra pages on how the disability affected him–gave them everything! It worked!

Just do not write on any medical reports/records :slight_smile: