DisabilityTax Credit approved by CRA

My CRA online says DTC approved for years 2015 - 2023.
2013 - 2014 not eligible

I guess I should be thankful but I understand the CRA can audit me many years later and disapprove it then I would have to pay the taxes plus penalties.

I forgot to say I had checked the box to adjust my return.

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I guess they could in the case of fraud but I think it is unlikely they would take your DTC away unless there is fraud.

Did they say why they didn’t allow 2013-2014?

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No. They did not. I saw this on my online account. Paper mail should arrive shortly.

After you get the paper mail, phone and ask about the missing years.

Thanks Jammer. Will do. I am fortunate to get it for the next eight years or so.

Have a good weekend.

CRA told me they they didn’t allow 2013-2014 based on what my psychologist told them.

My psychologist refused to show me what she wrote on the forms. She told me it is confidential between her and CRA. I asked CRA about the confidentiality issue and the lady told me it is up to my medical practitioner to show me the forms or not. Note. These are the forms the CRA sent to my therapist for more info.

I believe it.
I don’t know the legalities of not showing the forms but I believe it would be done.
My friend on in Ontario tried to change doctors so he wanted his files but the current doctor refused to give some of the notes that they made. I don’t think my friend got everything but I may have parts of the story wrong.

Even if it is illegal for it to be withheld from you, it may not be a battle worth fighting.
Best of luck with whatever you decide.

You are absolutely correct. However, in the letter CRA sent me it states to submit forms online through my account because it is more secure which is true. I don’t want my snail mail getting lost which seems to be happening more and more often over the last four or five years. I also find large amounts of other people’s mail in my mail box from time to time. I have complained to Canada Post several times and they sent out a supervisor to my home. We discussed the issue but nothing has improved. Sorry for going slightly off topic.

Thanks again jammer for all your input.