Disability Tax Credit - eligible over 20 year ago?


I was recently looking at my CRA account for another purpose but I noticed the category that says “Disability Tax Credit”. I’m on disability for muscular dystrophy and a few other things and I’ve thought about applying for DTC but have been wary since I’ve heard it’s very hard to get approved. Even though I had MD I can still walk and work part time but it seems like they expect you to be completely useless. I may have some luck with the combination of my other disorders but I guess it all depends.

Anyway it says “You are eligible to claim the disability tax credit for yourself” from 1985-1997, which I believe predates any back pay I would receive if I applied and was accepted now. I was born in 85 so i obviously couldn’t have claimed this for myself. My parents never claimed it. Why it doesn’t say I’m eligable beyond those dates is odd since my medical conditions are life long.

Based on the fact that it says I qualified for those years and I have multiple life long conditions (one of which is progressive) wouldn’t this mean I was currently eligible? How much does this increase my likelihood of approval?


Ya, you would be eligible now.
My guess is you would have had a 100% chance in 1997.
Now they might question why you never reapplied BUT if you say you never checked until now, I don’t see why you wouldn’t get it.
The can reprocess your tax returns from 1998 until now (make sure you say you’re renewing it and you need your taxes from 1998 reassessed).
I don’t know if they can do that but I think they can.


I was 13 in 1998 so I don’t think there will be any taxes to be assessed?

If they ask why I never reapplied it’s very simple. I didn’t even know what DTC was until recently.


I think the DTC has only existed since 2008 anyways.