They need more time?

They literally said this. Is it good or bad??

Neutral. I think it means that they missed their self-imposed timeline and realized how much of their call answering was from people asking about the status so messaged people to let you know that they are running behind.


100% agree with Caro. This is not good or bad.

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This is my first time with DTC application so thank you for your thoughts

@caro is correct. As far as I know, the DTC doesn’t have additional adjudicators in the first step. I think it’s just a nurse that looks over it and either approves it or denies it. So if was denied you would know. It’s not under extra scrutiny or anything. If you are denied and appeal then it would go to another person who would evaluate it. CRA is totally swamped right now with all the CERB claims and other stuff. They are really far behind. It’s a mess over there. Long story short - I wouldn’t worry at all.

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Thank you. I appreciate your reply