Decision Pending

No Word Yet from CPP-D, I applied back in March, and my paperwork was received on March 13th. I’m not really expecting an approval, but would like to know what action I should take as I have to call Manulife at the end of July. It’s now been 4 months, any advice?

Service Canada told me to call after 4 months.
If you don’t have a decision by the end of the month, tell the insurance company that.
No big deal.

I was just recently approved and my appeal was made in February, so I imagine yours should be any time now. It certainly isn’t a bad thing to give them a call at this point though just to follow up.

This is not uncommon, approval for CPP-D takes some time. Question are you in receipt of LTD and Manulife requested you apply for CPP-D, if so, Manulife will hound you for updates sometimes knowing CPPD is behind in processing, which happens often.
Do the following , call CPP Disability dept., request status of your claim Write noteswho you spoketo,date and time. If not approved yet , call your Caseworker at Manulife and give them this information, see if they have email address so you can write this info down and send. Or write i fo down. Mail it priority post, so they have to sign for it. “Important,forward any copies of letters from CPPD to Manulife” and “ Al ways make copies of everything for yourself and create a file”
If you do this than your Manulife Workershould be fine, they are told to follow up and close files on clients quickly.