After the 120 days


I’m new to posting in this forum but I think I’ve read almost every post. I applied for CPP-D back in January and my 120 days passed last Tuesday with still no change from the “In Progress” status. I have two questions: 1) Is this a good sign? and 2) Should I call SC tomorrow (one week past the 120 days) for a status update?

Thanks in advance!

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When in doubt give them a call. You can’t ever read too much into things because there are many reasons any one case could be delayed for no reason at all, other than someone is sick or it got overlooked etc.

David Brannen

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Thank you David. I’ll follow up with SC tomorrow (assuming I can get through!)

Call them, they should know if a decision has been made (they may or may not tell you).

I called SC today. The lady said that she would send an email off since it’s past the 120 days and to call back again in 10 business days if I still hadn’t heard anything.

Just thought I’d give an update :slight_smile:

My first application I had to wait for 7 month before they told me that I was denied.

As an update, I called SC on May 29 as requested. They told me that there is a delay of 3-5 weeks on top of the 120 days and to call back again on June 15 if I still hadn’t heard anything. sigh

It is summer vacation time I guess.
Oh well, more waiting.

I received some good news yesterday…I’ve been approved for CPP-D on the first attempt!! Obviously a miracle since I’m under 50 lol. Looks like the wait was worth it for me!


Great news.
I’m also under 50 and got it on the 1st attempt.
It definitely eases the stress but I can’t help thinking I am so f’d up that it was easy to approve.
Not to be negative.

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The benefit of being f’d up I suppose lol

I would gladly give up that benefit to have my job back but such is life.
If you’re given lemons, make lemonade.


Maybe we could open a lemonade stand!

Congrats! That’s a relief. I got mine after my first appeal, it took longer than the 120 as well this time, but I’ll take it - I was surprised that I was approved without needing to provide any more documentation than I did for an appeal.

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Thanks @Nip! I’m still pretty amazed that I received approval on my first go. I am an independent contractor doing medical transcription part-time so I’m technically self-employed. I had received a self-employment questionnaire and with that, submitted my narrative that I was saving for an appeal. Not sure if that’s what cinched it or if what my doc had wrote was enough but regardless, I couldn’t be happier! Especially considering all the horror stories of denials I’ve been reading about :slight_smile: