CPP-D No News Yet


So since it’s been pretty much 4 months since I applied for CPP-D and I’ve received no news about application one way or the other, does this mean it’s not approved? I assumed I’d receive a letter telling me it’s either approved or not. I keep checking the online account, but it just says it’s being processed. Getting worried.


It doesn’t mean anything,
Give them a call.
When you applied did they tell you it would take 4 months?
It was 4 months when I applied but I think it is longer now.


I was approved after waiting almost 7 months


Wow, 7 months. It’s been 4 so far. I would just like to know.


They said about 4 months, July 14 was exactly 4 months. Oh well, thanks


I hope you get an answer between my 4 months and thumbelina’s 7 months.


Me too, thanks so much


No harm in calling in and talking with an agent. Ask if there is anything that you can do or send in that will help them.
Being polite is always the best option as you are speaking to a representative who hears loads of complaints. The call is recorded and will have a bearing on how you are looked upon.
You might as well create a favourable attitude towards you and your situation when possible.


Thanks, I may do that if I don’t hear by the end of July.


i Was approved after 4 months but also got a call