Hoping for clarity

Basically, I applied the end of July for CPP-D. I got a call a short time later stating that I met the three requirements and would hear something in approximately four months. Roughly one month ago, I received a “child rearing form” asking me if I was giving my permission for them to contact my son, I replied back yes. Today, I went online to check the status and it changed from “in progress” to “complete” saying a decision letter was in the mail. Of course, Canada Post is on rotating strikes, so I have no clue when this letter will arrive or even how long ago it was sent.

Of course, now I am anxious to know what this means.

I have Crohn’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had three separate doctors submit paperwork (two specialists and a family doctor).

Any insight??

Thank you.

Hi Supar3 - If your status is now complete - the letter that you will be receiving will be an amount that they will pay you (no taxes will have been charged - so watch this when doing your yearly income tax return). The cheque will be the monthly payment starting whatever month/year that you claimed you were first disabled (on your form to them) up to the most current month.

IF - you have an insurance company (LTD insurer) - you will owe them this money from the month/year they started paying you disability. If you’re not on LTD (I haven’t checked your profile) - then all this money is yours. Not sure if it’s a physical cheque or if it’s auto debit (it’s been awhile since I completed mine).

I hope that helps

However - having said all that - if you weren’t approved then you can ignore my message as you’ll have to appeal the decision. I’m hoping that when they called and told you that you met the 3 requirements and never heard back again and your status is now complete - I’m assuming you’ve been approved - but one should never “assume” right?

Keep looking to see if there is a payment amount.
If there is you were probably approved.
If there is not then I wouln’t assume you weren’t approved, depends on timing and it they are caught up on paperwork and who knows what else.

Letter mail to me has still been fast.
Packages are probably slow and everything will probably get slower.