CPPD Reconsideration Appeal - Multiple Medical Conditions (Medical Form Missing # of Medical Conditions))

When I confronted my Physician to supply an addendum Medical Form, the reply was: “Just have CPPD contact me and I will provide what they say they may require” type of response.

So I proceeded to make copies of index divided Books of my Medical History, prescription History, self employed work explanations, and past failed education attempts due to disability, all amounting to about 5 Index divided Comb Bound books totalling about 12 Inches in height and about 10 kg of double sided paper weight.

I mailed this package to CPPD.

  1. If my Medical records have different Medical conditions than Medical form states, is that a problem?

  2. If I have multiple Medical conditions and some were not originally written into my Medical form on my original application for CPPD, can I reapply for CPPD using my other undisclosed Medical conditions? Even if my MQP has by now expired?