Cppd application denied, preparing for reconsideration

i have chronic pain and depression, my LTd insurance (GWL) submitted my medical report for my application, I didn’t ask my own GP to fill out the medical report portion. GWL told me have enough medication info for the application. Got denied, i showed to my GP the denial letter from Service Canada and He want me to print the medical report portion of the Cppd application and give it to him. He said i can re apply and update my medical information.
on my part, i’m preparing my reconsideration letter , my stories. and waiting for my file from Service Canada to help me to challenge the reasons of the decision.
i’m overwhelmed, confuse. on medical part, is that ok to use the medical report portion of cppd application for GP to explain my diagnosis and limitation. Give medical results and report from specialist.
Please guide me! can’t think straight. feeling alone. i’m tired everyday of pain. Tired taking medication that gives u so much side effects.

It sounds like you have a doctor that has been through this.
What did GWL say about the denial?
I think you’re doing what you’re supposed to.
I know it is stressful and tiring but hang in there.

i gave my denial letter to GWL, told them the plan. GWL didn’t say anything.

Good luck with your appeal.
I kinda wonder if some of the SC medical adjudicators even read some applications or they just deny.
My friend had a stroke and was denied for reasons that were answered in his application so his appeal was a lot of “see page x of the original application”.
I was approved on the first try.

hi Jammer,
i don’t know if SC read all the information. one of the reason of my denial is :
“ it is acknowledged that you may have some limitations from your medical condition. However, considering your age, educational level and lack of objective evidence on file supportive of severe medical condition. It is expected that u should be able to return to some type of work suitable to your limitations. “
i don’t know what’s on my file because GWL submitted it. i can’t do anything about the first application but i want to make sure got everything on reconsideration. i really learned a lot from this forum. i want to give my gratitude to Mr. David from Resolute legal Counsel from giving us the blue print and creating this forum. You really give us Hope. And thank you Jammer for the great advice.
my problem now is how to put my word together. its frustrating that i have a hard time to concentrate, think , pain everyday, no sleep. sorry for these, just want to let out my frustration.