Ability to submit additional documents after talking to adjudicator?

At 214-days now and still haven’t heard from CPPD. They claim another 3-5 weeks before I do.

I’m going to assume an adjudicator will call me. If they have questions or are lacking documentation, can I submit it at that point before they make a decision? For example, I just compiled a large and extensive list of medications that were used to try and treat my bipolar disorder over the years. I’ve also managed to get a doctor who performed neurocognitive testing to finally certify his report (long story) and I can send that in.

I’m hoping the answer is “yes” and they won’t just deny my claim based on what they already have and expect me to submit these for reconsideration.

Thanks in advance.

I would absolutely update them with new information supporting your application. A lot can change in 214 days.

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214 days? Wow! That’s a long time…how do you know it’s another 3-5 weeks? Did you call and they told you that? I am at 131 days and when I look online it just says In Process but doesn’t have a time frame listed.

I called three weeks ago, after several previous calls, and was assured that it would be another 6-8 weeks as I’d now hit the service level.

The website is useless. Like you, all I’ve had was “in process”.

Don’t wish to alarm you, but when I pressured the telephone agent, he did admit they wouldn’t have even looked at my file yet. I could still be looking at a request for more information from myself, my doctor’s, etc. Fun times.

Always send the new information. It is better to send official medication print outs from pharmacies, rather than your own list.

Hi David. Thanks for your reply.

They have a current copy of medications from my pharmacy, but I’ve compiled the medications I’ve taken since 1997 to try and establish I’ve somewhat exhausted treatment options for my bipolar.

One question for you: I can’t get some of the doctor’s reports certified for various reasons. Should I still send them in, or are they completely useless? Also, one of the cognitive testing reports says my right hand is impaired and another says it’s poor relative to my non-dominant hand – should I be way of making the best possible case by only sending reports that paint the disability in best possible terms?

Thanks again.

When they review your case they usually ask your doctor to send them your medical records for the last few years. Believe me they are so scrupulous! They will find a needle in a haystack. I had a similar situation. I sent a better report to them but when they requested my medical records they did find the other report that contradicted the initial diagnosis. Of course, it was one of the reasons they included in my first denial letter.

As for the medications I asked my pharmacist to print out my pharmacy records for the last 10 years. She also signed and put a seal on them to certify that it’s a true copy.

I sent additional documents to them while my case was waiting for an adjudication. When you send your documents don’t forget to write your SIN on them so they know what case to attach them to.

Also you can go to any Servica Canada office and they will forward your documents to their adjudication office for free. They will review your documents and explain the proper way to do that.

sorry for the late comment here. YOu should send in everything that relates to your medical conditions or disability. If you have the records, you should aways send them. Service Canada may accept them as they are.

Thanks, David. I’ve sent in just about everything I have from my tort case (even the insurance company documents are favourable) and explained for at least one document that I can’t get the doctor to certify it and I only have a digital copy, so nobody else seems to want to certify it.