CPPD Approval, Authorization to Communicate Information SC-ISP-1606

Hi all,

Can I please get some feedback. Applied for CPPD at the 1 year mark and got approved on my initial application very recently. My insurer sent me a few forms they wanted returned to them. One of the forms was the SC-ISP-1606 form which is the Authorization to Communicate Information Canada Pension Plan.

It states 'Unless I cancel this authorization in writing, I hereby authorize the Canada Pension Plan to communicate, within the restrictions on page 2, on an annual basis, the information checked below.

The insurer had Option 1 checked off already when they sent me the form which was: ‘Any information requested by the person or authority named in Section 1 (which was the insurer, who is a big 3 insurer) including benefit information, medical information, etc.’

My question is I an cancel this authorization in writing if I want to. Can I please get some feedback about this particular form and what people have done and I am hoping David sees this message and can give his expert advice/input as well.

Thank you.

It sounds like you can cancel it in writing.
I would ask Service Canada what they need.
I have no idea if you should cancel it.
I don’t remember if I signed it (I probably did if they asked).

I can’t speak directly to your personal situation, but generally speaking if a person was approved for CPP disability and the LTD insurance company already go their refund, then I don’t like the idea of giving the LTD insurer the right to speak with CPP whenever they want. They could pass on harmful information to CPP and put your CPP benefits at risk.

An alternative is to say you don’t agree to the authorization and if the LTD insurer wants specific information from CPP, you can arrange to get it and give it to the LTD insurer.

However there might be reasons you wouldn’t want to do this depending on your unique circumstances.

I do have the option to write a letter to CPPD to cancel the authorization. If I do that, I would assume CPPD wouldn’t notify the insurer and just not send anything to them in the future?

I don’t know but next the insurer asked for something and were denied, they would know.