Cppd application complete 30 days ago

I don’t understand was complete April 30 and was told 7-10 days for mail.
CRA call is setup for today to let me know what is going on? .
My account nothing

Few things:-

  • Canada Post is having an awful time right now due to Covid restrictions.
  • The call centre can allude to whether or not you’re approved. Ask them if they see a payment amount for you. They couldn’t straight tell me “you’re approved” for some reason.
  • I’m not sure about the CRA’s involvement?
  • I was recently approved and my back pay came in very quickly after approval (two weeks or so).

Hope that helps.

Your Service Canada account doesn’t say “complete”.
I would call Service Canada and tell them you were supposed to get a letter 7-10 days after April 30.

It’s complete says 10-15 business days and application was complete on April 29
I called last week and asked all they said was they will get someone to call in next two days and Tharp hasn’t happened.

How many business days has it been since they said they’d call in 2 days?

If it says “complete” and there is no payment information then that sounds like a denial.
I question if they even read some applications anymore, first tie denials seem common.
I would call again and say the website said “complete” on Apr 29 but there is no payment information and you haven’t received a letter and no one called.

I just got off phone with cppd it was said that they understand it’s awhile and that they sent a email to processing department on 20th may… I should receive letter anyday…hmmmm

Well good luck.
Canada Post is very slow right now.
It’s too bad they don’t put a pdf of the letter online.