ODSP andnLong Term Disability

If someone applies and gets ODSP how does this effect Long Term Disability monthly payment.
I understand how CPPD and ODSP work combined but unsure of LTD and ODSP. Any information or links appreciated.

I am only “guessing” here, but the combination of both payments will be the higher payment from gov’t sources. For example, if ODSP is $1200, and CPP-D is $700, then I think you’ll get $700 from CPP-D and you’ll get $1200 - $700 = $500 from ODSP. Total gov’t benefit will be $1200, the higher amount, just there will be 2 sources of it, one provincial and one federal. If your LTD is higher than $1200, say it is $2000, then they will give you $2000 - 1200 = $800. Your grand total will be $1200 from gov’t and $800 from LTD, for $2000. Yes, the same as. your original LTD payment, not more. Now there are 3 sources. Once again, this is my “guess”. Read ODSP rules and see if they “offset” the ODSP payment with anything e.g. CPP-D.

ODSP income rules are really strict.
I don’t know, ask them.