Cpp status of my application

status of my cpp disability

What’s the question?
How do you find out the status?
Phone Service Canada.

I am curious also, do they call you if you are denied? Or do they only call if you are approved? I called today and was told they tired to call me today, although I didn’t receive a call on either phone, no missed calls. :grimacing:

I don’t think they call everyone.
Some people can’t get an answer on the phone.
So there is no formula, it depends who you talk to I guess.

I got a letter today saying denied and now I start the reapply decision. I am unable to work period. Nothing in no field fits with my abilities. I a man shocked they denied me. I still have surgeries , procedures and so unsure of my financial future. I was sure I would receive it. Shocked but now starting the next stage, reapply and this time it’s up to 180 days wait to hear.

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A lot of people get denied initially.
Did they give reasons for the denial?

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