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I’m on CPP-D and still struggling with my health. By a stroke of luck, I managed to find a job that allows me to work from home and determine my own
Hours. It’s just 10-11hrs pet week st a rate of $16.25/hr.
Will I need to quit this job once I get close to the $5600 threshold? The job doesn’t pay enough to go off CPP-D and I doubt I will find another job as accommodating. The only reason this job works is bc there is no pressure. What should I do?

I thought the limit was $15k.
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Congrats on finding a job that works for you right now! :slight_smile:

I believe you would want to contact CPP because you have started working again, even if it’s a casual or part time job and you haven’t reached $5,500 yet. I was just approved this past month for CPP-D and the nurse I spoke with said to contact them if I was able to start working again. They aren’t going to yank your benefits, but you do want to be open with them, it gives you credibility. I would just mention that you have work on a casual basis and don’t know if you will hit that limit in a year, but were wondering what happens if you did - do they decrease but not quit your benefit? It seems quite strange if they would consider over $5,500 a living wage as no one can live on that. I’d ask as a ‘what if’ - then you get it directly from the horse’s mouth. :smile:

That’s why I think a lawyer will tell you it is $15k but Service Canada will probably say it is $5k. I would tell SC what you want to do.

Hey Jammer,

My best guess is, CPP May think if I can work pt, I should be able to work full time, which is simply not the case. That’s my best guess anyway.

I think they are pretty reasonable.
Make sure you tell them that is your limit.
The absolute worst they can do is cut you off and make you sue but I think that is unlikely.
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in my experience CPPD is very reasonable with people who are trying to work in a limited capacity. You have to report to them once your income reaches $5600 or so. After that they will determine what to do – they may reduce your payment to some extent as your income approaches the $15k range. Once you get to the $15k range there is no discretion, it is automatic that benefits stop because you would be deemed to be gainfully employed.

The more up front you are the better. Once you cross the $5,600 threshold, CPPD will know anyways because you will meet the threshold for CPP contributions and they will see you are receiving CPPD AND making CPP contributions…normally that is not something they will allow to happen, however, they make exceptions for situations for people who are barely able to work and are earning not much more than 5600 or so.

Bottom line is to give them heads up so they don’t feel like its a “gotcha” moment when they learn you are now earning more than 5600, making CPP contributions again, and didn’t tell them.

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