Needing to work but not well enough too

I have been on permanent CPP-d for 2 years and last fall found a full time job that I thought I could manage. I couldn’t as all my symptoms flared and I ended up leaving. COP-d case worker followed me on a back to work support. I am now separated and unable to survive on $1000 a month and support 2 children. I need to find full time work and go back for financial reasons. If I do this and can’t manage it what will CPP-D do? My dr is recommending no full time work but I can’t survive without more income. I know I can earn $5400 a year on top of CPP-d but this is not enough to live off.

Child support is not enough?

I think cpp-d has an increased amount if you have dependents, do you get that?

I think CPP-D can be reinstated but I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to go back to any work.
I would wait for David to reply or phone Resolute and ask them.
I would be VERY careful about trying any work.

You can work while on CPP-D but depending on your earnings your CPP-D payments will be reduced. When you reach a substantial gainful amount they will, possibly, be suspended.

You should discuss this with your case worker. He/she is the best person to explain the situation.

Work closely with your CPP case manager. They are very supportive (usually) with helping people make good faith efforts to return to work. They will normally not stop payments until you demonstrate you can earn a regular income.

If you earn $15000 or more then your CPP-D will stop for sure. There is discretion by Service Canada if your earnings are below $15000 and you may keep some or all of your CPP payment; however, your earnings + CPP payments could not be more than $15000 when added together. That is my understanding, but Service Canada has discretion here so you have to work it out with them on a case-by-case basis.

David Brannen

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