Working part time and CPPd

I am interviewing for a part time ( 20 hours a week) position that pays minimum wage. I am curious how that works with CPPd. I have read that I am allowed to only make 5800 in income and still qualify to be on CPPd. My concern is that I can only work part time due to health conditions that qualified me for CPPd to begin with and working part time at minimum wage is still going to keep me below the poverty line. But it’s a job working with service dogs and I have volunteered with the agency and know that it’s a special niche that may work out for me to get back working even if it’s part time and contributing to my community and my own self esteem.

How does that work with CPPd. Does anyone know from their own experience.

Thank you for your time


I don’t work at all.
I think I read some other posts about this.
I would usually be helpful and find them for you but I can’t right now but if you know how to search the forums you might have luck.
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There is no criteria to be met for part-time employment. All CPP-D
monitors is the allowable dollar amount that is $5800 for 2020.
As long as you do not surpass $5800 there is no impact on your CPP-D.
I have been working part-time on CPP-D since 2015.

The following is taken from the DISABILITY CREDIT CANADA website…

"Can You Work While Collecting CPP Disability Benefits?

While receiving CPP Disability Benefits you may do volunteer work, return to school to enhance your education or complete your degree and participate in job-retraining courses. You may also do a limited amount of paid work without having to notify Service Canada.

How much can I earn while on CPP Disability?

For 2018 you are allowed to earn up to $5,500 annually. If you earn more than this amount (before taxes) you will need to notify Service Canada and your benefit status will likely be reviewed. This amount may change in the future, based on economic conditions like inflation."

Hope you find this helpful.

If it’s part-time employment, I don’t think there is any particular criteria.