Casual work while on ltd

I’ve read my policy and cannot tell how many hours a week of casual work I could do without risk of being kicked off LTD. All I’m clear on is that any money earned will be deducted from my LTD payment. Has anyone been able to casually work but remained on LTD?

It probably depends on your policy, how long you’ve been on ltd (past the COD), your insurance company, whether you get CPP-D, the type of work.
I would ask your insurance company and explain how the work you have in mind differs from regular paid work.
I think it has to be “meaningful” work relative to your education and qualifications (less than $15k) for CPP-D.
I suspect insurance companies are more strict (that doesn’t mean you can’t successfully sue to get ltd back).
Ask the insurance company first though.

Thanks. I am on cppd although thought their limit was $5000. I’ll look again.
When I ask questions directly I get stressed and usually focused on. That’s why I tried to rely on the policy. I’m sure I’ll eventually have to ask again.
Hoping to hear from some folks who have done some work successfully without being turfed from private Ltd. I’d like to hear if the work was done after two years on Ltd (any occupation period), and how many hours they did.

You may be right, up to $5k is not deducted but I think $15k is the limit before you lose CPP-D.
I know people here do knitting/crafts and stuff like that.
Maybe @David_Brannen has lawyerish comments. :slight_smile:

From CPP website:
" Can I do paid work?

You can earn up to a certain amount without telling us and without losing your benefits. For 2018, this amount is $5,500 (before taxes). This amount may increase in future years.

If you earn more than the amount allowed, you must contact Canada Pension Plan."

What about insurance (LTD)?

My policy says that the insurer will not pay me for any periods I work for wage or profit unless approved by the insurer.

I can’t speak for other policies because as we all know each policy may be different.

I’m hoping folks have worked while on private LTD. Cppd seems far more reasonable to navigate

Thanks for your input

Glad the amount went up. Thanks for the current info

My policy doesn’t seem to say but I would not do it without asking.
As @RaptorsFan said “each policy may be different.”.

I know it stressful and makes you anxious to ask the insurer but even if you get feedback from someone who does some work and you earn a small amount, you’re risking your LTD in my opinion.
I guess the risk-reward has to be weighed by you.
Maybe the money you will earn by working and the time you have left on LTD (mine ends at retirement) makes it worth it.
@searching “When I ask questions directly I get stressed and usually focused on.”.
You should consider that if in the future they find out you were working and they consider earning any amount is bad (I don’t know if anyone on LTD does any work for money and I guess that’s what this thread is for finding out).

You could get the free consult and ask a lawyer:
Free Consultation Request — Resolute Legal

Typically with private ltd. you can only do work during an approved rehab/vocational program.

You seriously need to consider that if you bring up returning to casual employment you could open up more issues and assessments for work potential.

I would just drop the idea rather than have your claim move to active management by your LTD insurer.

Oh I agree - I’d never do it without asking. I’m just a planner by nature and had someone ask me about casual working. It would feel good to work even if just 30 hours in an entire year or something.
I’ve had my free consult a few years back :slight_smile: It was very helpful for unrelated reasons to this question

Yeah… I really fear the reassessments as they exacerbate my health conditions. I am very sad that considering working a few hours here and there brings such stress…And that possibly doing those few hours could get one turfed off LTD. Sigh. I wish private Ltd was more like cppd in terms of allowing some work.
My hopes for hearing back from someone who has worked a little are dwindling. Thanks all for the input.

This brings up the next issue: volunteering. Anyone casually volunteer safely? Surely doing an hour here or there couldn’t be considered the same as being fully employable…

I suspect that volunteering can be treated by the insurer as working.
Their logic is: if you can volunteer, you can work.
I may know more about volunteering in my case eventually but I can’t stress enough that every insurance company (maybe even case managers within the same company) and medical condition is different.
It is sad that LTD is more restrictive than CPP-D and that is probably why some people with great pension plans retire early

I’m a long way from retirement… Everything seems so bleak in terms of creating a little meaning and purpose outside of the home :frowning:

I totally understand that.
Maybe hobbies.
Crafts and stuff like that.
Don’t sell anything for more than material costs and maybe only to friends.
I would avoid anything that has a schedule or timetable that you have to keep.
I doubt anything is 0 risk but it is not reasonable for people to do nothing all the time.

If your insurer has tried to get you back to work before or you think they might do it again then I wouldn’t volunteer or give them any excuse to cut you off.
It may be that what you volunteer for can not be interpreted as work and you can sue to get your benefits back but you have to decide if you’re willing to take that risk.

This is really cynical but I wonder if someone does get approval to volunteer and then a different later caseworker decides that that volunteering can be work and cuts off benefits and make you sue.
I hope that wouldn’t happen and I doubt it would.

Re: retirement:
I was thinking of government employees that can retire early and get a defined benefit pension for life that pays the same or more than their LTD.