Employment and Disability


I thought we can have a whole topic on employment. There are a lot of questions about employment on this forum from those who are on some type of disability (LTD, CPP-D, Worker’s Compensation, etc).

It is not easy for people with disabilities to hold a job but we know there are laws and regulations that are on our side.

I’ll try to post links from previous posts to this one to make it easier to find.

Please post any information that may help others to know more about their rights when it comes to employment.

CPP-D & Working

Whether a person can work while on LTD depends on the insurer so everyone should keep in mind that just because someone else can do something doesn’t mean you can.


Never heard of anyone working while on LTD. Is there anyone?


I don’t know, I was thinking of CPP-D and ODSP.
Probably not unless it is part of a return-to-work plan run by the insurance company.


This is from Service Canada website. You can work while on CPP Disability but to a certain extent.

Can I do volunteer work or go to school?

Yes. Without having any effect on your CPP disability benefit, you can:

*do volunteer work
*go back to school to upgrade or complete a degree, or
*take a re-training program.

Can I do paid work?

You can earn up to a certain amount without telling us and without losing your benefits. For 2016, this amount is $5,400 (before taxes). This amount may increase in future years.

If you earn more than the amount allowed, you must contact Canada Pension Plan.

Note: Do not delay in contacting us
If you delay in contacting us when you start working and making over the allowed amount, you might have to pay some money back. Any benefits you receive to which there is no entitlement will have to be repaid.