CPP-D Denial - Appeal Help

I received my letter finally yesterday and they have denied my CPP Disability application. They list 2 reasons for the denial, both of which are based on general reports that my neurologist sent my GP after follow up visits with the neurologist (I have Multiple Sclerosis). They did not ask my neurologist for any additional information and it was my GP that filled out the medical forms for the application. One of the reasons was that although they see that my neurologist noted in 2018 that I suffer fatigue, they think that not all treatment options have been exhausted for the fatigue and they list 2 medications that, when I look them up, are for sleep disorders or ADHD and don’t mention fatigue. In fact one of them specifically states that it should NOT be used for anyone who does not actually suffer from a severe sleep disorder.
The other reason listed is that there is no evidence of disease progression between September 2018 and February 2019 (the 2 times I saw my neurologist most recently). They state that although I have accumulated some disability, they feel with symptom management I should be able to regularly engage in some type of work suited to my abilities.
I don’t feel like I can return to working as an employee for someone else due to my body fatigue (not that I don’t sleep) as well as mobility issues and pain. I have been self-employed on a very part-time basis for the last 6 years and the amount of work I can handle has significantly decreased over the last 2 years to the point where I am no longer working.
I guess I have 2 questions for all of you - should I focus on the findings in my appeal and see if my neurologist feels I am incapable of working and submit a new report from him? Or how should I go about appealing this?

I cannot advice much as I hired Resolute Legal for my appeals. And they won the case.

But we talked about this so much on the forum. Many people shared how they won their CPPD on the reconsideration stage within weeks. Type words like reconsideration and appeal in the Search box and you`ll see hundreds of posts about it.

Also David wrote a great book on how to apply for CPPD. I bought an ebook on Amazon. Here`s the link to his post about the book: Ultimate Guide to CPP Disability Benefits - Need your Help

Did you hire them for your reconsideration?

I hired Resolute Legal after my reconsideration had started. It was denied too. Then David submitted his hearing brief and other documents to the Tribunal. And Service Canada decided to settle my case before the hearing. I thought it would take much longer than that but it was quite fast. David was persuasive. They probably realized that they would lose at the hearing.

Hi Elaine,
I have been in liaison with resolute as I was considering them for my reconsideration. But I just decided to start on my own. It’s difficult to
Not know how long the duration will be and the stress of it all adds to my condition. However we shall see.i did not get the opportunity to speak with David but I can honestly say that they are absolutely wonderful I was in liaison with the admin stage and she was amazing.
I don’t know if I made the right choice but I’m confident that I can fight this on my own right til end and if I do not get what I want I will have
No hesitation in hiring. You hired them half way through?

Many people on this forum applied on their own and were approved on reconsideration stage. Sometimes Service Canada wants you to work harder to get the benefits. You can always call Resolute if you feel you need it. I personally had no more mental or physical energy to do it on my own so I asked for help. See how it goes with you.

Yes. They give you a short period of time to submit your documents for reconsideration. My reconsideration had already started when I decided to call Resolute. Because there were so little time left Resolute just submitted whatever documents they could. So it was denied again. You have more time for Tribunal stage. But David submitted the documents right away. Service Canada responded very fast with a settlement.

My experience with Resolute was very good. You work with them online. They have their own platform that is used to download documents. They have a big team and work very fast. You don’t meet them in person but the work is very efficient. I tried to go to local law firms in my area. Some of them told me that CPP-D doesn’t pay much so they don’t do it. Others asked me to pay $5,000 in advance. So I finally called Resolute. They are more down-to-earth.

Just see how you feel. If you really need help you know where to call.

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I definitely will call them I might have the same issue starting and unable to finish as I did the other day. If I get denied again I will
Have to ask them to take over , a wonderful firm and great people
Down to earth and assertive.

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