How many have done a reconsideration on denial for cpp disabilty

Hello we have recieved a denial letter from cpp disabilty the reasons are not even my husbands issues ex on denial it says left eye migraines are treated with medication with good effect no where does it say or did it say he has left eye migraines he has menegoma and white matter brain lesions plus hemocrodois or however you spell it … high iron etc it says his issues are not severe or prolonged so my question is where do we go from here yes I see we can ask for a reconsideration do we go back to the doctors to ask them to write a letter stating his issues are prolonged and severe if so what does our reconsideration letter say . Thanks for all your help .
Another ? When it gets sent for reconsideration is it another medical officer( or the same one ) who looks at the case do they also act on the previous decision or is it a fresh start with a whole new outlook kinda bummed out as to have to do this process all over again is there even success stories from asking for a reconsideration
Thank you this board has been so helpful


Hi there, I was denied and appealed, which was then approved. It is definitely worth submitting for reconsideration. My doctor wrote a letter outlining my inability to function in a reliable capacity for the foreseeable future, and detailed why. It sounds as though your decision was based on at least some erroneous information. Mention that as well.

I had someone else go over my appeal, I believe they have someone at a higher level review it, but I may be mistaken. Generally you will get a call from a nurse who goes over and may ask a few additional questions before the decision is made. They will have your previous information on file, but offer to send it again if necessary. I do wonder where they got the migraine idea from, I would inquire about that for sure. Good luck! I didn’t expect to be approved but figured I’d appeal anyway, and am very glad I did.

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Thanks so much for the advice will surely do as you suggested this is our first reconsideration so we’re you originally denied then asked for a reconsideration and approved if this is how you proceeded
If so this gives us a glimmer of hope
Thank you so much

Also if you don’t mind me asking how long does it take for the reconsideration appeal to come up with a decision

My friend appealed.
They said he was denied because of “x” and my friends appeal said “x” is documented on page # of his application.
He did that for each reason in the denial.

It takes 3-4 months to receive a response.

My reconsideration was denied but it was signed by a different medical adjudicator.

Hi, yes my initial application was denied and I was then approved on the first appeal. It took just as long as the first application, about 4 months in my case. I don’t know if that’s always the case though. :slight_smile:

It’s been 11 months since I submitted my appeal. I’ve called several times and just receive a bunch of excuses. I was initially denied August if 2017 after waiting 6 months for the first response. It’s frustrating having to deal with waiting.

Oh, that’s a long time. Probably they are running behind with the applications.

I had to wait for 7 month for the decision on my initial application to just find out it was denied. Felt like they waited for 7 month and decided to deny me at the last moment. Judging by their response.

Finally received a response from Service Canada yesterday with what seemed to be a form letter and once again with a denial. What a big let down but not unexpected as I know they will often make these decisions based on their interpretation of your circumstances. I will not give up and plan to file an appeal with the Tribunal. I’ll have to do some research and digging for information on the best approach.

You may need a lawyer for this stage. I hired Resolute Legal and we won the case at a Tribunal stage.


So I received a call on Friday, May 31 from Service Canada and was told I had been approved and that I would receive retro from July 2016. I was in complete shock, did not expect to have them call me. Today I received the package to sign, it’s a little surreal after all the waiting and battling between my insurance provider and CPP-D. The thing is I am determined and just never gave up. With all the help from this forum and it’s members I don’t think I would have been able to keep at it.


Awesome news, congrats.

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CPP Disability lied about my medical condition and I am now in the process of appealing to the Social Security Tribunal. I found this link of case law very helpful in putting together facts that support me.

Thanks for the post.
Good luck with your appeal.

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