Cppd benefits application - review

Hi David,

I have been on LTD for 2+ years now with GWL and they have asked me to apply for CPPD. I have no issue with this as I truly believe that I qualify for CPPD.

I have read everything on this site with respect to CPPD and I have read your guide to applying for CPPD Benefits. Thanks for all the advice on this site and in your guide.

I have written a very comprehensive application. I have included a covering letter and a 7 page addendum where I answered every question asked in the Functional Assessment (physical, behaviour/emotional, communication/thinking and other daily abilities) if they limited me in any way.

My question to Resolute Legal is do you have a service that will review my application, prior to submission, and provide feedback on the application? I do understand that you wouldn’t have full access to my medical file, so this would be advice on the application as written to provide constructive feedback on the choice of words and flow of information. I would be willing to pay for this service. I just want to ensure that I put my best application forward.



Phone them.
Free Consultation Request — Resolute Legal

Thanks for the reply Jammer. I will be doing this on Monday.

Steve, Great West offered me a free service from a third party to help with my CPP application. I can’t remember what it was called but you might want to check with your case manager to see if they can offer it to you as well.

Thanks Caro. I will send GWL an email and see what they say. After all it is in their best interest if I am accepted for CPPD.


Just received a phone call from Service Canada. My CPPD Benefits Application has been denied. Service Canada finds that my condition is not severe enough to be approved for CPPD. I will wait for the letter before deciding if I will request a reconsideration or not.


What to do? Do I wait until GWL requests that I submit a reconsideration on my CPPD decision or let them ask me to request a reconsideration? If GWL terminates my LTD because I was declined CPPD do I challenge this decision, sue them, or what? Does Resolute Legal take on reconsideration cases or do they only take on Tribunal cases? Trying to find the best way forward at this time. While waiting for my official letter from Service Canada that details why my application was denied, I have requested my complete Service Canada file through Access to Information. At least this way I will be prepared one way or another.


Here’s one that I know about.

I think you should go as far as you can but keep them up to date on your denial and appeal.

Do their internal appeal and sue if necessary.
If your doctor says you can’t work, GWL is obligated to continue your claim.

Thanks. If push comes to shove that is exactly what I will do. Time will tell.

Hello everyone including David,

I just received a response from Service Canada with respect to my reconsideration request. I have been approved! Great news. A big shoutout to David and his team for all the advice that he has given on this forum and his book. I have followed all the advice on this forum and it has resulted in my CPPD Benefits application being approved. So to one and all, keep up the great work in passing on information on this forum and thanks again to David for all the invaluable advice/information that you have provided to everyone that participates in this forum.


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Great news.
I hope your LTD gets approved for longer too.

Hi Jammer,

Thanks. Not sure what you mean by, “I hope your LTD gets approved for longer too”? Why wouldn’t my LTD continue (less CPPD offsets)? Am I missing something here?


I read this:

I got the impression GWL was reviewing your claim after the 2 year mark and they haven’t approved it going forward yet.
Maybe I misunderstood.
They don’t HAVE to keep paying you because you got CPPD but they probably will.
As far as I know, an insurance company can stop paying someone at any time.
It is less likely they will cut someone off that gets CPPD.

Hi Jammer,

Interesting. My LTD plan is 100% paid by the employees so I don’t think that they will cut off my benefits. Doesn’t make sense for them to do this. I recall somewhere on this site that David said it is difficult for insurance companies to cut someone off because of receiving CPPD. LTD is exactly for this reason. Long Term Disability is just that. Wether or not you are receiving CPPD or not. I do have a Union so I will bring this up with them.


I just meant that it is easy for an insurance company to cut someone off but it is hard to keep someone that has CPPD cut off (ie. win a lawsuit).
They probably wouldn’t cut off someone with CPPD but they could.
It is unlikely and shouldn’t be worried about.

Thanks Jammer.


What was the difference in your file that went from denied to approved?

Hi MarilynM,

When I was initially denied, I immediately requested my CPPD file from Service Canada through Access to Information. I also immediately sent Service Canada a letter indicating my intent to request a reconsideration. Once I received my CPPD file (about one month later) I reviewed it and noticed some errors that the adjudicator had made when considering the decision on my file. Such as weighing the decision on what the oncologist said and didn’t take into consideration what my family doctor had said.

My family physician had a complete understanding of all the medical conditions that ailed me and my oncologist was focused only on my cancer and not the fall out from my cancer (such as the effects of radiation therapy, etc). My reconsideration letter focused on these points and within approximately two weeks I received a letter from Service Canada indicating that my CPPD application was approved.

Please don’t forgot to review all the information on Resolute Legal on applying for CPPD Benefits and how to request a reconsideration.

All the best.


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I think that people with cancer should be approved right away no questions asked. They shouldn’t be giving hard times to people with cancer as they should understand what cancer patients have to go through mentally and physically. This is just terrible what they do.