I have been denied cpp disability

I have the paper work I need to reapply. There is no short term disability available even though they sent me on a treasure hunt to find it. There is none to be found. It’s a hidden gem ? I cannot work what have you all done to get through life when running low on cash. What’s my options and what wording helped you most once you were denied .

Did you claim your 15 weeks sick leave under EI? After that you are probably looking at income assistance for your province https://novascotia.ca/coms/employment/income_assistance/MoreSupports.html

You may be entitled to extra income assistance for disability.

After that I think it’s waiting until you either get better or it becomes clear that your disability will be long enough to qualify for CPPD. I assume that you already checked to see what employment benefits you have from your workplace and took all of your sick leave and vacation there.

Look into EI Sickness Benefits.

Maybe social assistance (welfare).
Food banks?

I have used my ei sick leave it ran out February 9th. I have done the appeal they will let me know their decision sept 9th. I am a weird case. I was laid off in September due to the child care Center I worked at closing. I did sub for the month of September and October leading up to my surgery and received partial ei during that time. I have not continued claiming my open ei claim because I am not capable of working therefore it’s sitting there unclaimed and that claim runs out September 18. I guess if I get denied again I reopen that claim and get what I can out of it and lie? I won’t have anymore fight. I am in what is considered a financial relationship with my roommate have had them pay half rent etc for more then 12 months therefore social assistance can’t help me much. I was told I could have 4000 in my bank account and no more before they would help me and it wouldn’t be much it would be like 350 a month. Which really who lives on that. I am currently looking for jobs I can do on a computer laying down in bed. I found one but it only pays 30 a month if I even get the job. Anyone on here know of any online jobs that would only require a laptop where I could lay in bed. my skills are not great but I could do simple stuff. Just planning for the worst. I have hear so many people denied that I don’t understand why they were.

Doing a computer job while laying down in bed doesn’t sound like “meaningful” income.
I wouldn’t give up on CPP-D.
Are you being denied CPP-D because you are expected to make a full recovery and could then do any work?
I would definitely get the free consult:
Free Consultation Request — Resolute Legal
Good luck.

The denial stated “even though we understand you cannot work right now we believe in the foreseeable future you will be able to”

My doctors have stated you are off work indefinitely. No idea if I will ever recover. I’m a mystery.

I had the same phrasing on my denial. My doctor, in support of my appeal, took that phrase and used it in my favour - “…due to the nature of her condition, we do not anticipate that she will be able to work in the foreseeable future.” I was approved. Sometimes you can counter the words they use to work in your favour. Good luck!

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