CPP-D likely denied (insufficient contribution) + Crossing 2y LTD status

wow, so wish I found out about this forum earlier… sorry for length…
Background: in late 30’s. On LTD since Jan 2016. Started with seriously unusual endocrine system issue (hasn’t stabilized yet), magnified by chronic pain going bonkers (typically 4-6 days pain/bedridden), and now severe depression, no sleep, constant fatigue. Gasping for air ever since. Can’t describe how hard it is to break this vicious cycle.

Issue at hands: EOY (2018) was notified by insurer (big one) I’m being moved to a different “long term” division. Called and asked I apply for CPPD. Earlier 2018 I independently contacted Service Canada about it (tipped at a support group) - Was told I don’t meet the criteria due to insufficient contribution (cont’ only 3 of last 6y; also studied &lived abroad 3 years out of those – with 9 months employment there). Insurer asked I provide a letter from CPPD confirming I will “never qualify” and the reason (talk about killing all your hopes- was still hoping situation eventually improves so I can gain at least somewhat meaningful employment down the line… even though currently in total darkness). Service Canada replied it can’t provide such letter, and I have to go through the entire process. Currently finalizing all supporting documents and application

Q’s: Anyone in a similar situation? If I’m likely to be denied CPPD, will insurer cut me off immediately? What is likely ahead of me with insurer? Anything I can do to improve my situation/application with insurer/CPPD? Sorry for laundry list, so many negative thoughts it’s hard to think straight. Any and all advice will be immensely cherished.

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Before I read the whole article I was thinking you probably have to apply to get a deniel letter.
It should be fast. :slight_smile:

The insurer shouldn’t cut you off.
I don’t know if the deniel letter will say why you don’t qualify.
If it does, that should be good enough for the insurer.
If you get cut off you might have to sue.
Good luck.

Just to clarify, i did call Service Canada after the insurer asked and was told i have insufficient contribution. Was told to apply because they can’t provide any letter otherwise.

Thank you so much for replying. really!

Make a formal application and get a formal denial. You may have gotten wrong (or at least incomplete) advice from the people you spoke with. Determining qualification is not black and white, there actually is a lot of gray area on this. You have to show your date of onset of disability happened when you had enough qualifying contributions. You may get credit for any contributions you made when working outside of Canada. So it all hangs on your date of onset of disability, which again is something that is not black and white. I discuss this at length in my upcoming book on CPP disability benefits.

You can get a legal opinion from us on this, but there is a charge for this type of service and we would need you to get your “statement of contributions” to CPP from Service Canada.

David Brannen

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In a similar situation, and I feel for you. || Back in 2012, the ONLY reason that I was denied was because I didn’t have 4 out of 6 years contributions, and a Rep at Service Canada asked me why I hadn’t applied with the kit they had sent me in 2004, as I would have qualified then. || What I explained was that when I was denied ODSP due to Household Income, I assumed both disability benefits would be the same, and not accept me, so I didn’t send in the application. || Lately, I’ve done a lot of research, and my next application is going to include the Child-Rearing Provision for 1999, and the Late Applicant Provision. || Many of David’s articles provide wonderful insight, and I will be writing a few handwritten letters explaining why I should be approved. || If I am denied again, lol, I will first do a Reconsideration Appeal, and if necessary, an SST Appeal. || The important thing to remember is to never give up, and to Keep on Smiling! :slight_smile: ~Lisa_K

They won’t cut you off because of that. You’ll just continue to receive your LTD payments. I don’t think your insurer can do anything about it. Just keep providing any documentation that they need.

As per CPP-D letter. Like everybody said here you have to formally apply for CPP-D to receive it. Let your insurer know that you are going to do that. No need to inform them that you don’t qualify until you get a denial letter.