Coronavirus affecting disability payments?

I can’t find if anyone else asked this yet, but for those of us who receive both LTD and CPP-D, do you think the coronavirus would affect us getting our monthly payments from insurance and government? Like if you have been on claim for a while, do they just automatically pay you during such a time? And what happens if they close down everything but essential services, do the employees who monitor and pay our claims work from home; like how would they ensure we are getting money? I understand his is a hard time for everyone, but I think people with disabilities are especially vulnerable during an pandemic, and if we have no income (we can’t apply for EI on cpp-d or Ltd), how will we survive possible quarantine for weeks-few months if that happens?

Both my payments are electronically deposited into my account.
The CPPD one is likely totally automatic.
The LTD one probably depends on which insurance company it is, how actively they review the claim, etc.
I personally am not worried (it did cross my mind).
I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of waiting for a decision though. :frowning:

Probably the payments are automatic. I wouldn’t expect any disruptions there.

Case managers may not even have a clearance to work from home. Medical files are a highly sensitive information.

Think so too. There may be some delays.

I don’t think the government will allow that. But in any case you can always contact our precious media. They will be more than happy to create an extra panic.

this is a great question and I am working to publish blog articles covering all of this. I am also reaching out to insurance companies to see what their contingency plans are.

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Following. It’s very concerning to attend regular doctor appointments or for tests that are not too urgent (chronic disease) as offices might not operate as usual and can be with infected patients. Could be very bad for chronic patients with suppressed immune system. very hard decision to make for this period of time. Would like to hear from David on advice

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Good point.
I didn’t even think of frequent appointments.

In terms of attending regular appointments, if they get canceled due to the coronavirus, that’s not your fault. I would make sure to document who you spoke to and the time they told you, the office staff who inform you, if that’s the case. I don’t think you can be held accountable for that by the insurance company, especially not during a pandemic. I can’t even see them trying to send people for IMEs right now, as right now they are pretty much cutting down all non-essential services in the country until the virus outbreak is controlled. This could put you at increased exposure to the virus, and also won’t help your mental health (my anxiety right now is at an all-time high too). The insurance company would be liable for pain and suffering charges if they took any of these things against you right now, if they decide to cut off your benefits for this in the future. I mean correct me if I’m wrong David, but right? …I continue to go to my medical appointments, and just follow the precautions they have been telling all of us like hand washing, sanitizing, social distancing, stay home unless you need to leave. Some healthcare facilities are starting to do telehealth appointments right now, you speak to the doctor in a phone call or through a computer; so if that’s an option, I would do this right now. I live in a very small town in northern Ontario and it’s not an option for me, though. If your doing everything you can to stay well, I don’t know how the insurance company would say anything at such a time anyway. As for CPP-D, I don’t think so either; and to my understanding they don’t review your case nearly as much as LTD companies, if at all.

LOL, I thought about that, but I really doubt they want any negative media right now. The way the economy is heading, I don’t think anyone wants to take on an extra liability during such a time, especially for a vulnerable population like the disabled.

Thank you!! Looking forward to hearing about this.