Anyone knows about people on Longterm Disability if we also qualify for Covid19 benefits from government or EI benefit? Is anyone applying? Thanks.

If your on LTD, that means your unable to work for medical reasons*. And regular EI is meant for when your unemployed,* meaning you don’t have a medical reason to not be able to work. There is medical EI but that is only during the first 15 weeks of you becoming ill initially, and if your on LTD your way past that point (most LTD policies don’t kick in until after 6 months of sick leave)… I also want to say that many LTD policies have clauses that say they can deduct certain things from your monthly disability payment (ie. CPP-D). Some of them are vague and even say “any government payment“ your given while on claim for LTD; so I imagine if you were even able to get EI right now, they would deduct that amount. But regardless, regular EI like I said is when your unemployed and not working; I believe they even make you fill out a weekly timesheet and follow up and ask if your applying for work yet; if you apply for that that means your saying your not medically unfit to work and the LTD company may use that against you. Get it? Hope that makes sense… And I’m not sure what other benefit the government would be giving Canadians right now, besides the option of applying for EI due to the virus. They said it’s for people who don’t have a job right now due to it, and/or someone who has to stay home with their children due to the schools/daycares being locked down too. Either way, it’s not a good idea to apply for these if your on LTD, as the insurance company can deduct that amount from what you receive from them anyway, it’s not like you will end up with more income for yourself during this time, no. If you get something and don’t notify them, the LTD company can charge you for overpayment plus interest in the future, which can be costly; so be careful.


Thanks. You’re right…

What about those who are not receiving payment from work or cpp-d as they are waiting approval? No their is no income. Do those qualify for anything their condition may have been affected by this covid even more so… and they have exhausted their 15 weeks sick time.

I don’t know but I I suspect you should phone Service Canada.
Maybe social assistance.