RTW impacted by Covid

I started a gradual return to work and the insurer has stated they will support the GRTW until Sept. I have stopped working because of covid but am still being paid by my employer.

I am worried that come September I may still not be working or may not be full-time because my GRTW was interrupted. If this is the case, considering what is going on, do you think the insurance company will continue to support/pay me?

I don’t know the answer, but I hope so! I am in a similar situation. My insurer has been good about this so far (it has impacted their work as well), and it is no fault of our own, so there does seem to be some “wiggle room”. It’s really a different situation to be faced with. What I have been doing is have my doctor refer to the uncertainty of the Covid situation in the doctor’s notes I get, that way it is addressed on that end as being a factor. Fingers crossed!

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