Compensation for life

I am on long term disability from last 2-1/2 years due to mental disorder(anxiety). This disorder evolved due to the highly adverse workplace environment in terms of administration,resources,exposure to chemical environment and intense intimidation by immediate boss.
Since my entire career and health is collapsed, I need compensation to survive for my rest of the life and cost of my better expected career.
Kindly suggest to support.

I don’t understand what you’re asking.
Depending on you insurance policy, you may get LTD until age 65 (or for life) as long as your claim continues to be medically supported.
Depending on the wording in your policy.

Unless I am reading this incorrectly, you are still on LTD? Provided you continue to qualify for it, this would generally last until you would normally retire from your workplace.

That is usually 65.
Some policies are for life (government?) though.
Some policies are only for 2 years.
It depends on your policy.
Do you have a “benefits booklet” from your employer, that is a summary.

Thanks Jammer,
Appreciate the response,I understand that LTD is up to 65. But in my situation, employer is responsible for my poor mental heath. LTD was not the objective of my life, Now,I can not achieve my life goals. If employer is responsible, why can’t employer compensate me in addition to LTD.


Thanks Nip,
please share your thoughts for my response to Jammer
thank you

Hence the “generally” in my statement, as I don’t know what their specific policy is, however it’s been more than 2 years on LTD. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Jammer,
If a person is is on ltd, and my policy says it would be til retirement age, does the insurance company ever tell you that (that they believe you’re going to be unable to to work and youll keep getting paid til retirement age) or do you just have to go on month to month, year to year, hoping that you don’t get cut off at some point or say something to case worker that may be taken wrong way? I qualify this knowing that if you are seen roofing your house, chopping wood in your yard or playing football, you would likely be under immediate suspicion.

They will always be hoping you recover from your disability. There may be a great new treatment some day - heck, they are making a lot of progress on being able to reconnect severed spinal cords and we may well see a ‘cure’ for that in my lifetime.

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Paddy, the insurance company will never tell you that they think you are totally disabled until the termination of your policy (often age 65, but it depends on each situation). How can you tell if you are on the “totally disabled” list? They will probably ask for updates from you and your medical doctor infrequently (i.e. perhaps once a year). They will not be sending you for active, mandatory rehabilitation (e.g. occupational therapy, physio, psychologists, exercise, etc.) They can reopen your case as an active case at any time for any reason and they won’t tell you what is going on or why - a new insurance company takes over; a new case manager; your report/your doctor’s report indicate you should be reviewed (new/conflicting information); they receive new information from one of their sources, etc. They might decide to review all claims with a certain condition because new treatments are availabe as mentioned by Caro.

Service Canada can reopen approved disability claims at any time as well.

Thanks guys…I was just wondering because I just read lots of posts on this form that kinda indicate people are always in an ongoing situation with the insurance company. When I got approved for ltd I was already in the ‘any’ category so I just wondered if insurance companies ever just tell someone that they agree a person is not going back to work & and that they’ll keep getting their benefits until 65. I guess I was just hoping that might be the case. P.

Maybe if you were 62 already :slight_smile:

It’d be nice if that happened but no.
The amount of worry of a strong claim depends on the insurance company and the person.
Try not to worry about it.


Unfortunately, you cannot sue an employer for a workplace injury even if the employer is at fault. There is no direct compensation from the employer. The only other alternative is workers compensation. However if you never filed a claim for WCB when you became disabled from work, you are most likely out of time.

It totally depends upon the kind of policy you have structured

My understanding is there is no time limit on making a claim. I made one with WCB 3 years into my LTD claim (which I settled with a lump sum). As expected with most claims I was first denied so I appealed and the claim was accepted this August. I was paid retroactive from July 2016 to the present. It can’t hurt to at least try as I learned from my situation.