What do i do/say now to employer after approved ltd on any job and cppd

I am unsure what to expect now, I have been approved for cppd and insurance company sent my claim to their long duration department with a letter saying I have been approved over my 2 years any jobs criteria

I have a union agreement and it says to 65, or retire, or sent to diff contract, or quit.
I am 61, do i just expect to collect until 65 then my work pension kicks in.
I dont think I tell my boss? Do I call anyone or wait and they call me.

Thanks Confused

Can’t really advise you without knowing a lot more about your situation. Retiring usually NOT a good idea because it may disqualify you from LTD. Normally best to ride out the LTD as long as you can and then retire, especially if you are still contributing to your pension plan while on LTD. I don’t think you need to notify your employer but not really downside to do so if you are in a union.