Changing provinces

Thinking of moving to Ontario and living in the GTA. I have many relatives there. Support system will be better. How difficult is it to find a good doctor and psychologist?
Thank you!

That was a good laugh for the day. :slight_smile: jk.

The doctor probably depends where in the GTA.
I would look for a clinic that has a team of doctors.
Maybe a specialist at a hospital would be faster.
I’ll assume it is a private psychologist (you pay for) that you want.
That is probably not hard to find. :slight_smile:

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Haha :grinning: I heard finding any doctor in the GTA is impossible.

My LTD provider requires me to see a doctor (GP) every month.

How about a Nurse Practitioner? I hope they are available and insurance companies accept them.

You are correct. I have to pay out of pocket for a psychologist. I will keep trying until I find one I like.