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my LTD terminated after 2,5 years. I am back to work to my previous employer with restrictions from My doctor (participate return to work program). Working for 2 hours/3 days a week and just increased 1 hour per day last week. After the increased hour, I started to concern about my condition (mild TBI and neck injury). My work is not that difficult but required stand all day, lots of multitasking in fast pace. With my condition, I found is hard to follow/learning/concentrate a new system or dealing with people (I’m in a new department with a similar to my previous one). At the half way of my shift, I feel super exhausted/trigger my symptoms but I can still managed to finished my shift and get home safely. My employer wanted me to work more hours and hoping back to my regular hour. They required me to have weekly meeting with them and providing a monthly doctor notes. I’m still going for my treatments and taking my medication. I have been approved for CPPD & DTC. Did I make a wrong decision return to work?? Is it too late to appeal LTD? should I keep trying or quit and look for another job that suit me better??

You will be able to stay approved for DTC as long as your medical doctor supports that but I would assume your CPPD will be cut off eventually as the income threshold is quite low on what you can make while on CPPD and it will be reviewed and once they see you are working you do run the risk of it being cut off. What was the reason the insurer gave to cut you off since you have been approved for CPPD?

Thank you for your reply. My insurance only stated that I don’t meet the definition and since my employer agreed to accommodating me return to work, they advice me to do so. However, I just find out (after more than a month back to work), My health group benefits that had been cut since December, it wont be back right away. I have to work for 700 hours in other words, they take me as a new hire. This really hard on me as I am not making enough money (a bit above minimum wage) and still have to go for treatments out of own pocket. I am a single mother with 2 kids that depend on me. My employer also keep pressuring me to work more hours and sometimes not following my doctor’s notes so I have to keep reminding them.
I do realize that CPPD eventually will cut me off after certain amount I make (I think $6000 annually). I just start to think that I may not able to continue with my employer and thought maybe I could go find different Job that wont hurt me/trigger my symptoms or try to apply for vocational rehabilitation from CPPD for retraining. I want to try to go to work as the CPPD income is not enough.

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Hi so sorry that you have to experience all of this. I was in a similar situation. I was in a motor vehicle accident was off for a little over 2 years. Even though I was still experiencing pain, I returned back to work due to no income and LTD had my file pending. I returned to work on moderation duties for two weeks then back to regular duties. My job is both physically and mentally challenging. It took a toll on me physically and mentally, it was too much for me, I lasted for 8 excruciating months, took a lot of sick days and vacation days. The point is, I am now in worst condition than I was returning back to work. This time I was approved for LTD. However, now it is taking me much longer just to get to where I was before I returned back to work. So please be careful. I use to give 110% of myself to my job, been there for 20 years. No one had my back, no one cared. I simply became just another number in the system. Take care of yourself, learn all that you can about your rights. No one else will. Best of luck.


Hi ldku

It makes me sad to read your posts and angry at your insurance company. It sounds like they are manipulating you!! Just because your employer is willing to accommodate your return to work doesn’t mean you need to go back if the accommodation isn’t approved by your doctor. Please be careful and make sure you take care of yourself. Losing CPP would be bad and also when you say things like "I have to work for 700 hours… “as a new hire”…that doesn’t sound right. It sounds like maybe your employer is not bringing you back under the same position you had. Does this mean your benefits dont start until after 700 hours too?

Thank you for sharing with me. I am very similar with your situation. I was very healthy and love to work until my car accident (high impact rear ended at traffic light). Going thru lawsuit, work, insurance and rehabs while trying to get better it was too much. No family members that can help me (just me and my kids). My GP wanted me to go back to work slowly increase in hours but the pressure to go back on regular duties from my employer keep coming. I do agree with you, we are just numbers for them. I am not sure where should I go from here.

Thank you Adam for understanding of my situation. I was in very stressful and exhausted situation after dealing a long process of lawsuit and all assessments. It took a lot of me (physically and mentally). My employer offered me with similar position (different department) after my first year of accident. I just agree to it since I know that I can’t do my previous job (physically demand).
Based on what information that I get, They told me that I have to work 700 hours same as like other new hires. I don’t want to lose CPPD as that’s the only income I have right now.

Pretty sure you have 6 months from the time you are full time back at work yo return to LTD. You should fight it, speak with your doctor let them know that it’s too much for you.

Hi Idku,

I recommend getting a free legal consultation ASAP for a situation like this. Because you had a “termination” of benefits there will be limitation deadlines (hard deadlines) for appeal, even if you get back to work part time. Don’t quit your job until you get legal advice on this as you could lose your right to LTD. See the information below my signature if you want to reach out to us.

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