Can't currently work to take care of teenage daughter, what benefits to apply for?

Hi there,
My daughter was diagnosed in 2014 with general anxiety disorder and depression. It is getting more and more severe as she gets older and just in the past year has tried to take her life twice. She was even hospitalized just last week at McMaster’s children’s hospital because she didn’t feel safe with herself. Her highschool and I have put in place a plan where she can continue her studies at home with me, and that way I can get her to her medical and therapy appointments.
She’s also on the waiting list for McMaster’s day program, that combines therapy with highschool. My question is, I’m doing this on my own, and I have another special needs child in grade 7, mildly on the Asperger’s spectrum, I honestly can’t even think about working full time right now with everything going on, is there anything I can collect just until we get her settled and I can stop stressing. I myself have now been diagnosed with the same. I try to keep it together, but sometimes I feel hopeless…
Thanks for any help

I am sorry to hear about your difficult situation. To qualify for CPP disability benefits you would need to have lost the capacity to work due to your own illness or disability. You could consider provincial social assistance programs that pay based no need rather than disability.

Thanks David,
I looked into it a little more, and it looks as though I do qualify for EI sickness benefits, as I myself have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and ptsd. I wouldn’t qualify for provincial support as I have some RRSPs that would disqualify me, but I don’t want to cash them out as that’s my only retirement fund, and it’s really not much, but still over the limit.

If your condition is expected to prevent you from working again and you left work because of your condition then CPP-D might be an option for you.

Thanks @jammer, I’ll definitely look into that as well :slight_smile: