Been off work for 14 years and was told depression didn't qualify

While i was off work to care for my children i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I went and talked to someone at a government office near me to file for disability and the person i talked to said depression and anxiety was not classed as a disability. That was 14years ago. I just found out about cpp disability. I have been on meds and seeing a psychiatrist for 14 yrs. Do i have a chance at getting cpp disability now and how hard would it be.

The CPP Disability rules allow for “late applications”, even as far back as 14 years. You would need to be able to show that you met the eligibility requirements and disability requirements back then. While it is theoretically possible to advance this claim, there are many practical problems with proving things that happened so long ago. If you have access to the medical records going the whole way back 14-19 years ago then you would have a change to win. If you don’t have the medical records it would be next to impossible unless you have had the same doctor and he or she can report on your condition back then.

What about depression and anxiety being qualifying medical conditions?

There is no such thing as a qualifying medical conditions, so you were misinformed on that. The disability test is based on disability and capacity to work - regardless of the medical condition.


I was turned down. They said I had enough paid into CPP to qualify. They also gave me credit for child rearing years. I have had continuous depression and anxiety since 2003. The credit for the child rearing years brought me to 2010. However they said there was no reason I couldn’t have worked between 2010 and 2017. I had two severe attacks, once when I was diagnosed in 2003 and one in May 2017. My diagnosis has be constant throughout that time. The Dr said in my application that he believed I would not be able to work again. Why do they think I could have worked between 2010 and 2017

You should request a copy of your file from Service Canada. It would contain more detailed explanation of why they came to this conclusion, including the notes from medical adjudicators.

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