CPP Disability for Anxiety and Depression

Hello everyone

Does anyone have any information regarding approval for CPP Disability for Depression, Social and Generalized Anxiety, and PTSD. CPP asked for additional information from both my GP and Psychiatrist (all medical notes). Has anyone been approved for similar reasons.

They don’t approve applications based on what your diagnosis is but rather on how much it prevents you from working. If you can prove that your mental health issues are so debilitating then they will approve it.

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Thanks Elaine. Both my Gp and psychiatrist agree I am unable to work. I am on LTD through my work. I have been off since June 2018.

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I have an application in since November 2019. In February they sent out a request to my current psychiatrist and psychologist asking for more information. Both support my severe and prolonged illnesses (same as yours) due to behaviour that prevents me from gainful employment (insomnia, oversleeping, mood swings, frustration, anxiety, anger, memory loss), medication side effects and underlying developments of IBS and agoraphobia.

Thanks for replying Marilyn. Its been a source of anxiety. Everything you mentioned, as far as your symptoms, hits home so hard. My application has been in since Aug 2019. Hopefully we both hear good news soon.

I did communicate with both professionals and they gave me a submission timeframe for when they are sending in their information to CPPD.
CPPD gave them a 30 day deadline, but both have told me they are calling in for an extension of a few weeks - this is normal.

I had to call in and ask for an extension. Was given a month.

Application was approved.


Awesome news.
That’s a relief.

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