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Hi. I am curious my mom has multiple diseases as well as depression Anxiety sleep problems pain. She has been denied Disability multiple times. I am trying to help her get some type of income. She can do only as much as she can. She is a hard working woman but her Disability has shortened her ability to do normal day living. Please if anyone has any answers as to how can help her get some income. She is married with my Father. It was there 33rd Anniversary yesterday. My dad is also a hard working man. He does his best to make sure she is taken care of as much as he can. With him working they are still in middle class of living.

Were the denials based on her medical condition or not qualifying?
I would ask a lawyer.

You would have to give us a bit more info. What were the reasons she was denied? Did she have support from her medical doctors/practitioners? Or did she simply have not have enough contributions?

Hi yes she has had multiple forms from her Family Physician as well as other pyshians send forms requesting she is eligible. Although for some reason they denied her. My mother says they have mentioned it is because she was a stay at home mom for most of our child hood, but she still worked she sold tupawear as well as make-up from home. Than we I was in middle school she and my father worked at a bar restaurant hotel.

What was the reason for the Service Canada denial?
What did the letter say it was?

Are the denials for CPP disability or a provincial program like AISH?

Good question.
I assumed federal.
I think provincial plans tend to be means tested.

Becky1, can you post the exact wording of the reason for denial.

Hi there. They say my dad makes to much in a 2 month period in the early spring/summer that is why she is denied?.

Ok, yeah this would be provincial disability benefits. They use a family income threshold. You could look into CPP disability, but unless she worked recently in the years leading up to when finally became unable to work, then may be not enough recent contributions to qualify for CPP disability.

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