Returning to Work or School While Receiving CPP Disability Payments


I am on CPP for mental illness and would like to go to school part time . Will this affect my eligibility to receive Benefits? I know they support going to school or re-training, but is it different for people with mental disability?

Thank you


Service Canada will allow you to return to school and possibly keep your full CPP disability payment. Your medical condition is not really a factor. You would need to coordinate with CPP disability claims representative. Once you start earning income they would adjust your CPP payment or stop the payment if you can regain the ability to do gainful employment.


Thank you for your response. When you say “possibly” keep full CPP - what would be a reason not to receive full CPP payment?


It would be dependent on CPP approving your return to school plan. If you did it without telling them, or for some reason they don’t approve of it, then they could stop payments.


Thank you again. What type of course would they not approve of? I am planning to train as a psychotherapist.


They key point is you just need to involve them in the process as early as possible. This is a case by case process for them.