Canada Life Transferred My Case File to Another Office

Hi There

I didnt get my regularly scheduled benefit payment this month and so I called my case manager’s office in Edmonton. I was told by the receptionist that my case had been transferred to Calgary and that I would have to phone that office. When I told her that my last letter was from so and so and that the letter came from her office she told me to hold on and then came back and said that my case had been transferred to Winnipeg and that she couldn’t help me and that I would need to phone them. The phone number she gave me wasn’t even the right one. I left a message with the new office but I’m wondering if anyone can tell me why they would transfer my file like that? I’ve been on disability for 5 years and it’s always been at that Edmonton office. Would this be a reason for my payment been affected? Thank you for the advice and help!

I suspect this is a case of incompetence. They are probably doing some internal reorganization and staffing changes and you fell through the cracks. Have you managed to get a hold of them now?

Has it always been Canada Life for you?
I know they were merging and streamlining offices last year with Great West Life and London Life. My file was transferred to another province.