Call from nurse with the CPP-D program - what to expect?

Hi all,

I applied for CPP-D at the end of September, and today I got a message on my voicemail from a nurse with the plan wanting to go over a few questions with me. I will follow up with her tomorrow, I am just wondering if there is anything I should expect that they may ask so I can be a little prepared? I only have the truth to tell about how my condition has affected me, but I know that sometimes how you phrase an answer to a question can make a huge difference. Thank you!

We didnt get a call. David may know.

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I think you have to be more careful about phrasing answers to an insurance company.
I think it would be similar advice as it was for your application, don’t speak in absolutes, say “sometimes” or “frequently”.
I never got a call either.
I don’t know what to expect.

Best wishes and let us know how it goes (and what the nurse asks).

Well that was anti-climactic. She basically just told me I have been denied and a letter had been sent, and went over the reasons and appeal options. I expected to be denied so I wasn’t that surprised (and my lawyer can now add to my file that I did apply in case my work insurance LTD co brings that up during my case against them.) At least it didn’t take long to get a decision, even though it wasn’t the one I wanted.

Did the reasons they gave make sense to you?
Do you expect an appeal to be successful?

Best of luck.

Thanks, jammer. My condition is chronic intractable migraine. Because my specialist had noted that my current treatment (started not long ago) tends to have success in a lot of cases (because it does), the nurse said that technically I haven’t gotten to a point where we’ve exhausted the possibilities and have no hope of becoming well again. Unfortunately for me, most of the many treatments I’ve tried have a certain success rate…but not in my case. So she said to appeal if this doesn’t end up working. sigh. Having been off work for over a year certainly seems prolonged to ME, but I see where they can find the basis to deny it if they use that reasoning.

I do plan to appeal. I see my specialist again this week. The nurse was helpful and not at all intimidating to speak with, and did mention that CPP-D is often much harder to qualify for than LTD through employers insurance plans - for example, my insurance company needs proof that I cannot work my own occupation, whereas CPP has a broader scope and has strict legislation behind it. I don’t think I’m explaining that quite right though.

I’ll pass it along to my lawyer when I get the letter and see what he recommends.

Sorry to hear that you were denied.

But why did you hire a lawyer?

Hi Elaine, thanks! I hired a lawyer as I was denied both appeals for LTD with Sun Life through my group policy at work (I’ve been on a LWOP since last year.) David was kind enough to do a consult with me and recommended an affiliate closest to where I live. After speaking with the affiliate, he agreed that I have a strong case and has taken me on as a client. Fortunately my physician and specialists are all very supportive as well.

I hope one of the treatments does work or you get accepted by CPP-D.
Your insurance company sounds stupid, they should approve the LTD for at least the first 2 years.
I hope it works out for you.

Nip, hope everything will be resolved soon. Good luck with both cases!