Applying for CPP Disability-off work for 2 years

My husband is just sending in his application. His last day of work is 2 years ago. Should he file as a late applicant to qualify for 12 months of retro pay?

Or will CPP just use his last day of work and then only go back so far?

Found the answer-re-posting here for others:

Under section 42(2)(b) of the Canada Pension Plan, the earliest an appellant can be deemed to be disabled is 15 months prior to the date of application and then only if the decision maker found your client to be disabled at or before that time.

In the usual case, with the 4 month waiting period mandated by section 69 of the Canada Pension Plan, that means payment commences at the earliest eleven months before the application.

If the finding of disability occurs after the 15 months deemed disability period then payment commences four months after the date that your client was found disabled.

  • one exception to the maximum 15 months deemed disability. That occurs where someone was not mentally capable of making an application. In that situation, section 60(8) of the Canada Pension Plan means that under section 82(11) of the Canada Pension Plan the deemed date of disability can go back to the date of the beginning of the client’s mental incompetence.

You just put down his last day of work where indicated on the application forms.

You don’t have to “apply” for late application provision, this is triggered automatically based on your contribution history and disability onset date.

The retroactive CPP payment is calculated in reference to your application date. 12 months max.