Anyone been denied by CPP-D-do they give reasons?


I just received a copy of my claim file which had a copy of the CPP-D report for my spouse that was completed by his family doctor. It was sparse in information and under prognosis the doctor wrote…likely chronic. (That’s it)

I feel a denial in his future. Well I told the Insurer it was like pissing in the wind to apply now as we still are waiting for specialists and more scans/MRI’s.

When you receive a denial from CPP-D do they give skimpy reasons such as we feel you can do some kind of work.
Or do they actually give you more detailed responses?


I think there are reasons depending on the person responding.
I don’t think there is a specified way of responding.
I think you can always phone to discuss the response.
Is it time to get a lawyer after the first denial?


They have a template letter that they send out that is about 70% the same information and the remaining 30% they customize from case to case. They will always give reasons for denial but the level of detail can vary quite a bit depending on the medical adjudicator involved.


Apparently the reasons can be bogus.
My friend was initially denied and every reason they gave was answered in the initial application, it is like they never read it.
He appealed and only said things like “answered on page 5”.
His appeal was successful.


Same here. Feels like as if they are checking if you will give up at this stage and won’t go further.


It is your age that I think they looked at. Please try again. It is a number game. A good majority give up.


I’m worried a bit that I’ll have the same problem.
I am confident I did a good application but if they don’t read it and because I am under 50, they’ll make me appeal.
I don’t have much energy any more but I’ll appeal if I have to.
I hope they deny me sooner rather than later so I have the energy to appeal.


I think so too. I think they denied because of my young age and because I receive ltd benefits. They think I will survive on ltd and giving me cppd will be a waste of money on goverment’s end as everything will go to the insurer anyways.


If the insurer estimates and deducts the benefits then you don’t have much choice but to keep appealing.