Worried About CPP-D Decision

I’m still waiting for a decision from CPP-D. I’m getting worried that it will be denied and how to do the appeal. My emotional state has not been good in the past couple of months. I am suffering from anxiety. I know worrying does not help anything, but I can’t stop thinking about everything.

Apparently decisions take over 4 months now.
When did you apply?

I sympathize.
Talk to your doctor, I think there are anti anxiety drugs.

Reading this may help:

I applied January 8 and am still waiting for a response. I’m to call back on Friday (as I was instructed) if I still haven’t heard anything which seems likely. I have anxiety issues too so I understand what you’re going through!

Hi, yes it’s a real waiting game. I applied March 9th, I am anticipating a response in July. I’m expecting a denial and will have to appeal. I’m on LTD and have to contact my LTD caseworker at the end of July. Thanks for your response, and I hope you hear something soon.

If you send them additional information you need to wait another 30 days on top of 4 months.