Why do some people have to renew the DTC

My friend had the disability tax credit for 5 years but he has to submit another t2201.
Mine says “indefinite” on the CRA website.

  1. Can anyone predict if a renewal is easier than the first application?
  2. Is it likely his will become “indefinite” like mine? Mine had an end date for years but then became “indefinite”. I never renewed it.

Just reviving this topic as no one responded. My DTC must be renewed as well. They give you a 10 year credit from the date you were first disabled to the end of 10 years. It must be renewed depending in the disability as you could recover in that time so they need an updated medical letter.

Hey Jammer you are one of the lucky ones.mine was approved but has to be renewed every 5 years. When I called cra and asked why? They say they don’t do permanent ones any more even though you dr asked for one as there is no cure for my situation. You might be on a grandfathered tax credit.

I think it is as likely the person you spoke to didn’t know so just said that to get rid of you.
It is a very busy time (tax time) so I would call back in June+.

Hey everyone. To shed further light into this. The approval is based on what your dr fill in the form which is why some people have permanent and others have a duration. This is according to CRA. Hope this helps.