DTC eligible length

Hi, ive just been approved for the DTC back to 2017 but ive read that you must keep applying as it expires. How long it it usually valid for? it seems a bit redundant if you have a permanent disability and expensive as the Dr charges so much. The stress of having to reapply.

I believe it’s 10 years for most (all?) current approvals. Technology and treatments do advance so that seems like a reasonable timeline to reassess. Keep a copy of your application to copy over and update for the next assessment if you can.

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Thank you, does that also include when they back date? so if they back date to 2017 I’d need to reapply in 2027?

Login to my CRA and it’ll say how long it is valid for.

Mine was backdated one year and covered a total of 11 years.

Mine have always been 5 years + year applying in.

So for instance, if I applied in 2022, I would get 2022 + 5 years (2023-2027).

I don’t know why some people get 10 years and I only get 5 years, but oh well. I guess because my disability is not considered permanent even though it is.

I think it really depends on how will your doctor fills out the DTC and if they get a questionnaire of well they fill that out. I know people who suffer from mental health issues who have been approved for 5 years, 10 years and even indefinitely.

Mine’s indefinite but it was approved years ago.

Mine is backdated 5 years so hopefully it’s longer than 5 years otherwise it’s expired before it starts.

I’ve logged on to CRA and don’t see anything anywhere about DTC

  1. Login to your MyCRA Account
  2. Scroll down to Benefits and Credits
  3. Click on “Go to Benefits and Credits detail”
  4. Scroll down to Disability Tax Credit
  5. Click on “View Disability Tax Credit information”
  6. You will see your name and the years of approval for your DTC

Don’t worry, the backdated years don’t count.

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Ok Thank you I will check

Ok I did that and it says 2017-2027 so I guess I will need to reapply before I do 2028 taxes.

So now im wondering if i will get any refund back from 2017-2021? i worked until mid 2020. Also does this help with taxes on CPPD? Its all new to me and i didnt even know the DTC was a thing until the CPPD lady told me to apply. im not sure what to expect and im worried about backpay tax

You will.
Check with CRA to see if they are redoing your taxes or if you have to.
If you have to do it yourself corrections to tax returns can be don’t online.
I suspect they do it automatically.
Open an RDSP if you were under 50 in 2017.
If you have enough $ you can contribute $1500 for each year from 2017+ and get free money from the government (for years you were under 50).
You might owe taxes for years you got CPP-D back pay.

I’m 59 so no RDSP for me, I was hoping I’d get some tax back for 2017- 2020 when I worked FT and hoping the DTC will help with the amount if tax I will pay on the CPPD back pay of 1 year. Yes they will amend my taxes but i suspect that will take awhile

I hope it will.
My LTD is NOT taxable so I don’t pay any tax on my CPP-D because my total taxable income is low enough.


Thank you in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.

I’m looking for some clarity on eligibility for RDSP grants.

I’ve been approved for DTC, retroactive to 1985. CRA automatically adjusted tax returns from 2011-2021 (maximum is 10 years). I received tax refund for overpayment.

My question relates to the age limit for RDSP grants. As I was younger than 50 in 2011 (and much younger than that in 1985) but have since attained the age of 50, am I able to setup an RDSP, contribute money and then obtain the grants retroactively?

Hoping I’ve managed to be clear in stating my question!

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The question is clear, the answer is not. I think you will need to either just submit the request or contact someone in government I don’t know what kind of leeway there is on the age 49 thing…