What to expect after applying for Long Term Disability and CPP disability. What to expect if interviewed

Hi, I have just applied for Long Term (Sun Life) and CPP disability. How do I prepare properly for an interview by the insurance company? What kinds of questions can I expect. How do I handle trick questions? How soon should I expect the interview to happen? Should I ask to have a lawyer (such as yourself) present during the interview? Thanks.

Hi James, I answer these questions in Chapter 4, pages 30-31 of my book A Beginners Guide to Disability Insurance Claims in Canada. If you haven’t ordered a free copy through our website, I encourage you to do so.

Some recommendations I always give are to treat it seriously, no joking around. Some people tend to try and use humour when they are nervous - don’t do that. Describe your limitations or actives in terms of ranges, rather than all-or-nothing type statements. Be prepared to give more details on your job duties and why you can’t do them. Be prepared to explain why you could work on your last day of work but not afterward.

You don’t need a lawyer to attend with you.

Common questions that may be asked by IME Doctor, rehab consultants, and other Insurer’s referred specialists. Be prepared

  1. Have you had a change in your lifestyle, habits, schedule or activities
    because of your injury?
  2. Are you participating in any work, organized sports or recreational
    activities, exercise or strenuous activity?
  3. What is the longest period of sustained activity you can perform in a day?
  4. From the date of injury until today have you had any sporadic or sustained
    improvement in your condition?
  5. What do you do when you do not go to work?
  6. Do you feel any need to seek additional medical care of your injury
  7. Where you ever given any medication or prescription? If so, why?

David, what would be the most appropriate answer when the insurer asks you a question like: What do you do all day while on LTD? Can you describe your day starting from the time when you wake up?

When answering any questions, you want to give ranges of what can happen. Describe a good day and a bad day. Don’t let them pigeon-hole you into just giving a “typical” day. You would describe from wake up to when you go to bed. The most important thing is to describe the strategies you use to control your pain or energy. they are always looking to see if your activity level at home would indicate you could be active in a full time job.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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