What is an appropriate 'thank you' gesture to my disability lawyer?

This may be a strange question. My lawyer and his assistant have been stellar in getting my LTD case successfully resolved, and I’d like to show my appreciation but am not sure what is appropriate (or welcomed)? Any suggestions are helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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A Thank You card should be enough and I’m certain that it would please them.

As a disability lawyer I can tell you that a hand written thank you card is very welcomed and appreciated. You don’t need any gift beyond that. Lawyers are used to getting grief much of the time (often well deserved), so they really appreciate positive feedback when it is deserved.

Finally, I know for me, the best thanks any client can give is to leave a positive online review with google reviews, Facebook reviews or any other lawyer review site. Again, most people who leave reviews are people who are angry with the lawyer, so lawyers do appreciate positive reviews from people who have had a good experience. Just keep in mind when leaving a review to not violate the confidential clause of any settlement agreement. You should not mention your case or even what the lawyer did for you. Just speak to how you were treated in general.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Great advice - I have and do work in a field where often times people do not really want to talk to us if not downright avoid it completely, so the rare person who appreciates our work is a definite boost to the spirits! :slightly_smiling_face: