Thank you Resolute Legal Forum -- Re: File Request

Thank you all for your contributions to this forum; even those with questionable advice. I’ve learned much and have been able to put this knowledge to good use.

One example:

I finally gained the courage to request a copy of my file from my LTD provider and the results were shocking.

Contained within are a multitude of errors and misdeeds on the part of the insurer. Most notable is that they were under-paying me by almost 20%. Of course they don’t apologize or even acknowledge their error; but they are making up those payments.

My advice to everyone struggling with their insurer is to ask for their file. Not knowing what’s in the file causes unnecessary stress and the insurers play this to their advantage. Requesting your file copy turns this around; its time to scrutinize them.

Wow, how did you realize they were under paying you?

I did the math.

The people working in these offices are overloaded and undertrained.

A quick view through GLASS DOOR employment reviews will open your eyes about the state of affairs at whatever insurance company you’re stuck struggling with.

Big time. It’s pretty bad. They are so overloaded at my LTD company they don’t even answer emails anymore.