Resource for Finding a Good Disability Lawyer?

I am wondering if there are any reliable websites/directories to look for a disability lawyer in a particular area. I don’t trust the ones who heavily advertise and make big claims (reminds me of American commercials for lawyers, Lol!) Is there a reliable directory of sorts with ratings? Thanks so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Nip, unfortunately there are no directories of disability lawyers in Canada. Disability claim law is such a niche area that there are in fact very few lawyers in Canada who do disability claims on a full time basis. You can basically count them on two hands. There are many personal injury lawyers who will have a portion of their practice devoted to disability claims to different extents. Disability claim law is a very technical area of law that combines insurance law, administrative law, tax law, employment law and human rights law.

You are right to to rely only on advertising, but many good lawyer do advertise so you can’t always rule it out. My advice is always to speak with multiple lawyers and try to get a feel of who you are most comfortable with. It is a very important relationship and you have to have confidence in the lawyer you hire.

When contacting lawyers get them to confirm what percentage of their overall practice is devoted to disability claims. That can be an indication of their experience. Check online reviews, but take those with a grain of salt because even the best lawyers will have the odd bad review as you can’t please everyone. Be wary of lawyers who advertise or imply the are “the Best Lawyer” etc. In my experience the most competent lawyers don’t us that type of approach. Also take so-called lawyer awards with a grain of salt as these awards can be very dubious in some situations. Finally, don’t only rely on what I call the “grey hair” method of choosing a lawyer. Years of experience as a lawyer in general are not as important as a lawyer who has specific experience in disability claims and who will take a strong interest in your case.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Again, thank you so much for your time and thoughtful response. I agree regarding the years of experience as a lawyer not necessarily being the be all and end all (for example, your experience in occupational therapy is extremely valuable to those of us who have disabilities and workplace issues, as well as your work as a lawyer).